Reverse Osmosis System

In Simple terms. Reverse osmosis is the process of pushing water through a filter that trap the impurities Bacteria, minerals and other contaminants on one side and allows the pure water to be obtained from the other side. More formally, it is the process of forcing a solvent water from a region of high solute concentration impurities the membranes used for reverse osmosis have no pores. The separation takes place in a dense polymer layer of only microscopic thickness. In

The RO Advantage
Purifies water up to 99.99% Improve taste of water by removing salinity Makes water safe by removing finest impurities, Bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Storage tank (where applicable ) makes for instant pure water, Makes water suitable foe soaps, detergent, clothes by reducing the hardness of the water. Safe for babies as it removes hazardous chemicals from water. Water can be used for medicines, baby food etc.

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